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Under the Influence By Dominick Cuccia

Boston's Drumming Crusader 

By John S. Pratt

Buttermilk and Crackers 

By John S. Pratt

Violin Partita No.3 in E Major

III. Gavotte and Rondeau

 By J.S. Bach

Drachten-Elisabeth By John Mark Reilly

Gladstone Cadets 

By John S. Pratt

Drum Corps on Parade 

By John S. Pratt

Log Cabin Blues By G.H. Green

Douze Études No. 9 

By Jacques Delécluse

Broken Drum By Matthew Burtner

For Brake Drum and Electronics

Aphasia By Mark Applebaum

Echolalia By Mark Applebaum

For 22 Amplified and Signal Processed Dadaist Rituals

The Final Precipice By Jeffrey Peyton

For Solo Timpani and Tape

Transformation of Pachelbel's Canon By Nanae Mimura

Una Limosnita Por Amor De Dios

An Alm for the Love of God
By Agustín Barrios Mongoré,
Adapted for marimba by Nathan Daughtrey

Prelude in C minor By J.S. Bach

Arranged for marimba by Naoko Takada

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